Daycare Prices


Item Price
Hourly (up to 3 hours) $5
Half Day (less then 5 hours) $17
Full Day  $27
Full day Saturday (10 am – 5 pm) $17

2nd dog 20% off!

DAYCARE Packages

Item Price
Full Day 5-Pack $129
10-Packs : Buy 9, get 1 free
Full Day 10-Pack $235
Half Day 10-Pack (up to 5 hours) $150
Monthly Packages
Full Day Monthly Package $398
Half Day Monthly Package $280

2nd dog 20% off!


Item Price
 If you come in for a full groom you can add a full daycare day  ONLY $5
 If you come in for a express bath or luxury bath you can add a full day of daycare  ONLY $17