This place is amazing! I rescued a cute little tan Chi boy named Peter a year ago and after completing his exhaustive obedience training, I started taking him to The Woof every week for socialization and fun and baths. But he got so much more than that. Because he got all of those things in spades, but what I hadn’t expected is him getting the love that he does.

Each morning I take Peter to The Woof I say to him in the car “are we going to school?” And he immediately jumps up, looks out the window and starts crying because he’s so excited. As soon as I open the front door, he takes off like a little chihuahua bolt of lightening because he’s so excited to see everyone…and he cries and cries and cries because he’s so happy and he just can’t contain it. It’s like watching a YouTube video of a war vet coming home. It brings tears to my eyes every time, knowing that a year ago he was in a 48 hour kill shelter, found abandoned fending for himself on the streets of California with no home and no love. And a year later he has that much love in his adorable furry little heart. I’m one proud papa.

And now, the second chapter begins as I’ve just rescued a bronze Chi girl named Prim a week ago. The first thing I did was book Prim in at The Woof for a luxurious bath and nail trim and just some overall pampering at the spa. Ladies like their spa treatments, right? Well this little lady sure did. She was one happy girl when I picked her up, let me tell you!

I highly HIGHLY recommend The Woof for all your doggy daycare & grooming needs. They are simply the best! The staff are so so so SO friendly and loving. I encourage you to try them…their prices are super reasonable and they’re super flexible and accommodating. I’m telling you…your dog(s) will love you for it. Mine do!
– Prim & Peter

I am over the top impressed with the professional, friendly and reasonably priced service at The Woof. I am always excited to pick up my Golden Doodle because I know he looks and smells like a dream. Recently, I was informed that the groomers had noticed a suspicious lump. Twice they had to remind me of this. As a result , I had the lump removed and it was malignant. I owe the team at Woof for saving our dog’s life.
– Denise Callaghan and family

I’ve been bringing my dog Elroy to The Woof for a couple years now, and he loves it there! It’s spacious for the dogs to run around, and the staff are friendly and all love dogs, so I’m reassured whenever I drop Elroy off for the day. I love that The Woof offers hikes too, so Elroy gets a chance to run around and exercise in the North Vancouver trails. The photos and videos they post of the dogs at daycare and at the hike are always so fun to watch and look at. I will continue bringing Elroy to The Woof as well as recommending this affordable and fun doggy daycare to my dog owning friends.
– Elroy

We have been taking our lab here for the last month and we all love the service. We have tried the hiking and daycare service so far, and we have a bath booked for next week. Our dog is extremely active but when he leaves The Woof he is lights out before we start the car. We love it!
– Danny

“Carmel smells so delicious! Her hair is so soft and her paws are immaculate. It’s difficult to manage hair under her ears but she came home and her entire coat is smooth. I know she had a great day at daycare as well because she went straight to bed. Thank you for always providing such an excellent job with Carmel! No wonder she squeals with excitement when she sees your truck coming up our driveway!”
– Joy

Our pooch is a regular in daycare at The Woof and we are very pleased with the service. From the owners, to the the front shop workers I have yet to walk away with out getting great friendly service. Since our dog has been going to The Woof we have seen the great care they take into ensuring the dogs are supervised at all times and yet they still let them play wrestle and just be dogs.Just recently we tried the grooming services for the first time after being tired of wrestling with our dog for two hours only to get a half done cut and leaving much to be desired. Tanya did an excellent job and did exactly what we had hoped for and gave our dog a great short coat for the summer and left her smelling great. The other great part about this place is they upkeep a Facebook page so you can get daily pictures and videos of your dog in action and see a little behind the scenes footage. We will be continuing to be regulars at this place for as long as we are in the area.

The staff is amazing always friendly and helpful. Offers great advice and quality products. A couple of times my plans have changed and staff was able to do unplanned drop-off service–great customer service. Kloe loves going and gets excited when we enter the parking lot.!! Thank you to all staff!!o!
– Brandi

The Woof – Dog Lounge & Spa is the best place! Yesterday mum dropped me off at playcare and she asked the girls to give me a ‘de-shed spa treatment’. When she picked me up, I was squeaky clean, looking good and smelling great! Love The Woof. Thanks!
– Angus

I brought my Shih Tzu x Yorkie puppy here for her first full groom. To say Zoe is hyper is an understatement, this dog is crazy and pretty hard to handle.
Z was done in less than 2 hours, and looks like a totally different dog! No longer do I have a floor mop, but she came back a happy, great smelling, cleaned up little puppy.
She didn’t stay for any day care, but I took a little bit of a tour with the gentleman who greeted me at the front counter, and the dog play area is HUGE!
Will definitely be bringing my little terror back for more grooming and maybe some daycare too!
– Nikki and Zoe

Just took my jack russell in to get a bath, quick groom, and nails clipped and although he was there for a couple hours, he came out so happy that it seemed he didn’t want to leave. I’m very impressed with how soft his hair is, the way they kept certain hair like on his chest and eyebrows, and the scented spray they use afterwards smells so good.
The staff there are genuinely happy about what they’re doing and have a divine interest in dogs. They also provide services like doggy day care and training, so there’s no kennels being used and they have full run of the back to play and such with the other dogs.
We took our boy to another grooming place for an express groom and nail trimming where they kept him there for nearly 6 hours in a kennel and by the time they finally called, he was so mad and disgruntled that it took him a couple days to warm back up. The woof has been a complete 180 and I know that both our dog and us can’t wait to bring him back.
I’d rate them a 10 across the board in terms of everything, definitely recommending this place to anyone who wants great service for an inexpensive cost.
– Ruckus

When you go to a grooming place for the first time; it is always daunting and one takes a change. I was not sure, because I did not have an experinece with Tanya, so I took a chance and left my Abby there. I had a few pictures for a hair cut idea. Tanya, suggested a certain picture, with a specific lenght. I asked her to do whichever she thinks would work best for Abby. After I picked up my girl; I was so happy. Tanya had done a great job and made my Abby look like a puppy again. I will take her there again for sure and will recommend my friends for their dogs. Thank you, Tanya for a great job done.
– Katrin

Very experienced staff and owners, and fabulous place! Our dog had issues previously at a doggie daycare and is thriving in the care of The Woof on their hikes and boarding. The staff are experienced dog handlers and treat him as their own. He is very excited when they show up to pick him up and is happy and tired when he gets home. Our family highly recommends The Woof services over any other dog services in the city. Thank you Woof!
– Oakley

When my position at work changed and I was no longer working shift work, I found myself struggling to find a company who would help me with the care of my four legged best friend. It was neighbour who suggested I give “The Woof” a call. I had the opportunity to meet Tony and Tanja, the operators, at a local business open house. Since that meeting, Scoobie and I, have been faithful clients twice a week for over two years. I was immediately drawn to the genuine love the operators have of animals and knew quickly that Scoobie would be well cared for by experienced people. I found it convenient to set up pick up and drop off times for my pet. But what sold me completely on this service were the daily video and photo clips posted on their website. Not only was it pleasing to see my dog interact with others dogs and get a good workout, but that I knew he was safe and well cared for. With reasonable prices, pick up and drop off convenience, and fabulous owners and staff, “The Woof” is my choice for best business.
– Cherie Duggan and Scoobie

I have been a client of The Woof since Tony and Tanya started the dog walking business in 2006. I have a very active 4 yr old male field Labrador. Discovering this dog walking company was just what I needed in August 2006 when Ben was about 18 months old. I have been using them continuously ever since, two, sometimes three times a week. I have always had every confidence in their ability to care for my dog in an appropriate manner. They are well informed on dog handling techniques and have always communicated with me on this. His safety is always a priority with them. They carry fully equipped first aid kits with them and on a couple of occasions have successfully put their first aid expertise to work on Ben. The company offers an adventure package ideal for my dog with pick up and drop off services. He gets a very active, fun – filled 2 hours of running and walking at least 2 times a week and has grown into very fit adult dog. My vet always comments on his exceptional fitness level and consequent slow heart rate. As a mature woman with a few joint and muscle challenges, unable to hike long distances, I consider myself very lucky to have found this excellent company. They also offer an invaluable overnight dog sitting service for their clients. Ben has stayed with them on many occasions sometimes for several weeks at a time. I never worry about him while I am away. I have recommended this company to many of my friends and all have been extremely satisfied with them.
– Jill Muchula

The Woof is a fantastic company and we could not ask for better walkers for our dog Sofie. They are always conscientious and respectful of our house, and very accommodating of our unique needs. Their attention to the small things (from carefully wiping Sofie’s paws when they get back from rainy day walks and leaving us notes about her adventures) makes us feel valued and clearly demonstrates their love for what they do. Tony and Tanja and all of the staff we’ve met are professional and client-focused… and, most importantly, Sofie loves them!
– Laura Matheson, Tony Mayer, and Sofie

Super friendly staff and great facilities for our four legged canine friends. They also have great products for sale in the front lobby area. My guy loves coming here and the staff are with them all the time so I don’t ever worry about him. I only wish they had a location downtown but until then, I’m fine driving the 15 minutes to take him there. Woof!
– Charlie

Thanks Tanja for an awesome job.  Twinkie looked and smelled so good.  She had a great time at doggy day care meeting new friends.  Thanks to you all! take him there.
– Joanne

Excellent staff and great service. My dog has been going to Woof ever since they started; he enjoys himself and gets treated by the staff as if they own him. I feel very comfortable leaving him there with the staff. I highly recommend Woof!
– Sergio & Kodi

Super friendly staff, very accommodating, excellent with dogs. My dog totally loves everyone there and I feel great knowing that she is well taken care of. Highly recommend.
– Kayko

My name is Nancy Matthews and I am a dog lover and owner. I have been using “The Woof” dog adventure service since it’s inception in 2006. My dog, Rocko, has weekly adventures and lately, he has been joining the group for the entire week due to my busy work schedule. We both love the service! He gets so excited when their van pulls up in front of my house to pick him up. He runs out to the van and immediately sits by the door waiting to be let in. When he returns home he is tired and totally satisfied with his day’s activities. I can relax and not feel guilty that I haven’t walked him! Tony and Tanja are both very knowledgeable about dogs and dog first aid. They know exactly how to make it all work so that the dogs are compatible and obedient and most importantly, have a great time on their adventures. I am constantly handing out their business cards to people I meet on my dog walks because I am so happy with the service and would love to see other people’s dogs enjoy it as well. Watching the videos gives me great delight and reassures me that my dog is being well taken care of and shows me he is having the time of his life! I wish all dogs were so lucky! Sincerely,
– Nancy Matthews

The best daycare in all of the lower mainland!!
– Titan

Great spot, very accommodating – They give fabulous baths and Anya is a great dog trainer! Highly recommended!
– Christina and Coco

Hi Tony and gang!
Well, as of last week, we have moved out to South Surrey so we won’t be needing your help on a regular basis anymore. I have been looking for a Woof equivalent close to where I live now, but there doesn’t seem to be any service as good as yours! I have really appreciated your professionalism and reliability.
– Judith & Constance