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Can My Dog Get Covid 19?

Over the past three months, a virus that started out in China has spread to every continent, caused tens of thousands to be hospitalized, and proven fatal for thousands of those. Coronavirus or Covid 19 is rapidly becoming a global crisis, and while we're all worried about our family and friends, most dog owners are also worried that their dogs might be at risk. Here's what you need to know.

A Dog Has Tested Positive

In early March 2020, a Pomeranian living in Hong Kong, with a human who has tested positive for Covid 19 tested weak positive for the virus.

Doctors are unsure if the test is a true reflection of the dog's infection with the disease, or if it's simply due to living in an environment where the virus is present, but the dog has been quarantined with it's owner, however, medical experts suspect that it is a case of human to animal transmission.

What Does This Mean?

So far, it seems that Coronavirus or Covid 19 is most dangerous to elderly and immune compromised humans, and there are no recorded cases of serious illness in pets.

During past viral respiratory outbreaks like SARS, dogs and cats also became infected with low levels of the virus, but there was no evidence that any passed it on to any humans, and none became seriously ill.

What You Can Do

If you do contract Coronavirus, it's likely that you will be fine. Most people have very mild symptoms, and recover perfectly well at home, self isolating to prevent further transmission.

Experts recommend that if you do get Covid 19, and you have pets, you ask someone else to care for them while you recover from the virus. There is no indication that pets, even if they are infected, will be any risk to humans, however, so if you both catch the virus, you can safely spend your time getting better at home with your furry best friend.

In short? Yes, your dog can probably get Covid 19. But he or she will probably be just fine.

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