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Charity Spotlight: Elderdog Canada

There are so many dogs in the world that need furever homes. It's a heartbreaking, never ending lineup of hopeful faces in our social media stream. But while it is often easy to find homes for bouncy puppies and healthy young dogs, there is one group of dogs that often take much longer to find a family: senior dogs. Elderdog is a registered charity devoted to helping these special older souls.

Golden Years Alone

Sometimes, older dogs are surrendered to shelters. Sometimes they get lost, and sometimes, their owners are elderly too, and can simply no longer care for them anymore.

Whatever the reason, after years of being the goodest of good dogs, too often, older dogs find themselves without a family, without a comfortable chair to snuggle on, or a friendly hand to stroke them while they doze.

The Problem

The problem with finding new homes for older dogs is that many times, people are scared of the emotional investment they might make in a dog that might not have too much time left. Even when older dogs are in relatively good health, there's always a worry that there may be some hidden condition that might come to light, and for all of us dog lovers, that's almost too much to bear thinking about.

But while they may move a little slower, have hazier eyes and white muzzles, there is usually a lot of love to give in these canine senior citizens, and being stuck in a shelter, no matter how caring, is even sadder than the alternative.

How Elderdog Helps

Elderdog helps older people and dogs in several ways.

First, they assist senior humans who might not be able to provide the same care that they once did to take the best possible care of their dogs. They also assist in cases where illness or death might cause disruption.

They also help older dogs to find new homes, and to educate people about the special bond and healing benefits of living with dogs for seniors  in Canada.

The organization was born out of the research of Dr. Ardra Cole, and her own experience with a very special senior dog. It was incorporated in 2009, and has been a registered charity since 2016.

The relationship between humans and dogs is a remarkable and special one, at any age. It's so important that we continue to support and help both of them at every stage of life, and Elderdog is going great work to do just that.

If you want to help Elderdog, you can find out more about their organization here:





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