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Garden Safety Tips for Dogs

Your dog should never be left alone to wander around the streets on his own. Not only will this cause problems with your neighbors, but there are dangers out there that could injure your dog badly, or even end his life. However, while most people know that there's danger on the street, many don't realize there are dangers lurking in your yard as well, and it’s up to you, as the dog owner, to see to it that he is safe while confined to your property.

Escape Proofing for Dogs

Make every possible effort to make sure that your dog cannot escape from your garden, by closing gaps in the walls or fences, keeping gates properly latched, and if you have a small dog, put wire mesh at the bottom of gates or other areas where he might get through. If your fence is full of holes or missing boards, it's time to get a new one.

Keep Chemicals Out of Reach

Dogs are a lot like kids. They're driven very much by curiosity, and discovering something new and different will delight most dogs. Many will be determined to find out more, and licking or even sniffing certain garden chemicals could be dangerous or even fatal.

Garden chemicals should be locked in a garden shed, trash cans covered at all times, or even locked away if possible.

Drowning Prevention for Dogs

Keep your garden pond covered, and your swimming pool area properly enclosed. Even a small body of water could be dangerous or deadly, especially to puppies, older dogs or dogs with disabilities, like blindness.

Be Careful What You Plant

Some dogs, especially puppies, like chewing on plants which, although might make you very angry, can be extremely dangerous for your pet. Do some research on toxic garden plants, and avoid having these in your garden at all costs.

Wildlife Aware

Here in Canada, there are all sorts of animals that might find themselves into your back yard. From skunks to snakes, bobcats to bears, and even cougars, coyotes and wolves. While those animals are beautiful, they can also be dangerous. If you live in an area where there might be wildlife that might find their way into your yard, make sure your fence is higher, so your home is a less attractive target.

Keep garbage and food out of your yard, to keep curious bears away, and invest in motion activated lights, so you have early warning if a critter finds their way into your yard in the early morning or at night.

Finally, if you have a lot of wildlife in your area, don't let your dog spend time in the yard without you. Dogs have been injured or even snatched by wild animals, and it's not worth the risk!

Hardscape Safety

It's trendy these days to use hardscaping like outdoor furniture, large pots and water features in the back yard. But many of those things can be very heavy, and if they're not properly secured, they could be dangerous for your dog. Make sure any design features in your yard are professionally installed and securely fixed in place.

Your yard should be a safe place for your family, and that includes your dog. Take the time to look around, and take note of any potential hazards. Then either restrict access to the area, or fix the problem. Your dog will thank you!

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