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How to Groom Long Haired Dogs

A long haired dog looks beautiful. When they are properly cared for. But if you're thinking about bringing a long coated pup into your life, you should know ahead of time what you are signing up for! Here's what you need to know about caring for dogs with long, silky coats.

How to Care for Long Coated Dogs

Although long-haired dogs such as the Rough Collie look absolutely beautiful and elegant, they do need constant grooming to keep matting at bay, and the coat looking good and in great condition. Your grooming equipment should include a slicker brush, a pin brush, a metal comb, as well as a pair of sharp scissors.

  1. Very gently untangle any knots and matted hair on your dog’s coat using the slicker brush. This should be done carefully, and not too vigorously, so as to not pull the hair out and cause your dog any pain.
  2. Once the knots are gone, use the pin brush and brush through the coat again. The coat should be free of matted hair and tangles.
  3. Using a wide-tooth metal comb, comb through the fur on the entire body to separate the hairs, including the feathers on your dog’s legs.
  4. Dirt and debris can become lodged on the feet, especially in between the toes, and cause irritation and pain to your dog. Using a sharp pair of scissors, trim the long hair neatly around the feet and in between the toes.
  5. The long hair around the hocks can also become tangled and untidy with dirt and debris, so neaten and trim this area carefully as well, with a sharp pair of scissors.

Grooming your long haired dog is time-consuming and a bit of extra effort for you, but if you take the time to groom him on a regular basis, the job will become easier the more experienced you become, and your dog will look absolutely beautiful, all the time.

Consider a Trim

The truth is, many long coated dogs will need to be brushed every day or two, and that can be a lot of work if you have a job, family responsibilities, social commitments and so on. You could use a groomer to do the work for you, but you could also consider getting your long haired dog a bit of a trim. You don't have to cut all his hair off, but a little bit shorter can make a lot of difference!

Use the Right Products

Another great tip for caring for a dog with long hair is to invest in the right products. A high quality shampoo as well as a dog friendly conditioner, and even detangling sprays can make it a lot easier to avoid knotting and keep your dog's long hair silky and smooth.

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