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Down Boy! How to Deal with Dogs Who Jump

Most dogs jump. Most dogs do get excited when you get home after being away for a while, and will sometimes jump up to greet you as you walk in the door. Although this might make you feel really great,  since your dog is demonstrating how happy he is to see you, it is not acceptable behavior, especially when guests and children are his target!

Keep Calm

The best way to deal with any unwanted behaviour in dogs is to stay as calm as possible. If you're calm, your mood with influence his, and he will be far more likely to respond the way you want him to.

The best way to stop this behavior is to simply say “no” as your dog jumps up, and at the same time, turn away without making eye contact with him, and without making any fuss at all. Then, turn around and tell your dog to “sit”. If you have trained him properly as a puppy, he will obey your command immediately.

When he is sitting down in front of you, greet him on your terms, by patting and stroking him, while saying “hello” and giving him plenty of praise. He will soon get to know that jumping up is not the way to greet a human as they walk through the doorway!

Give Him a Squirt!

Some dogs can be rather stubborn, and you might find that your dog is simply refusing to learn that greeting people by jumping up against them is wrong. Another way to teach him to not jump up, is for you to have a spray bottle handy, with water and a few drops of citronella oil (not the kind used in lamps), and give him a spray every time he jumps up. Dogs don’t like the smell of citronella oil, and your dog will probably stop jumping up after a few times of being sprayed with this mixture.

Raise Your Knee

It's hard for your dog to jump up against you if you raise your knee, and if your dog can't achieve what he wants when he leaps towards you, he might get bored trying and stop doing it altogether!

Important to Change Bad Behaviour

The truth is, it can be tough to break any bad habits, particularly if you have a strong willed dog. But it is your responsibility as a dog owner to do just that. Any damage or injuries caused by your dog will be your responsibility, and a dog who jumps is a hazard to elderly people, children, pregnant women and others.

The last thing any responsible dog owner wants is for their dog to cause someone harm, even if it's just because he's such a happy, bouncy pup!

So as soon as you notice unwanted behaviour like jumping against people, take action and start working to break the habit. Your guests will thank you, and your dog will appreciate clear boundaries.

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