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How to Deal With a Dog Who is a Fussy Eater

If your dog is a fussy eater, then the best place to start is with a visit to your vet, to see that it is not because of some physical issue like a dental or stomach problem. If your vet gives you the all-clear as to your dog’s health, then you can try the next few steps to stop your dog from being a fussy eater.

  • Try Various Options

  • Go to your local pet food store and select a variety of kibble samples to bring home. Give your dog one of these sample packs of kibble at each meal time, and you could hit on one that he really likes.
  • Buy a few small cans of tinned dog food, and give your dog a couple of spoons together with the kibble. Canned dog food works out more expensive than dry food, so make the canned food go further by only giving it to your dog with the kibble. It might encourage your dog to eat more of the kibble.
  • Try your dog on samples of dry chewy food, making sure that you only use a good quality brand. By offering your dog different textures of dog food, you might eventually find the one that he prefers.
  • Top It With Something Tasty

  • Make a gravy for the kibble by using cans of low salt beef, chicken or vegetable broth, to pour over the kibble. As most canned broth has a high salt content, it is best if you cook your own, and see if this will entice him to eat what you offer him.
  • Home Cooked Meals

Cook your own dog food by using the recipes found on the Internet, and avoid feeding your dog your food from the table, as this will make him a fussy eater. Human food is not good for dogs, but most can't get enough of it, so the less they have, the more inclined they will be to stay on a healthy diet.

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