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How to Stop Dogs Who Chew House Plants

If your dog finds great joy in chewing your house plants to such an extent that they do not even resemble plants anymore, let alone a definite species of plant, then you could remove the plants, or simply train your dog to leave them entirely alone. To keep a toddler from destroying your home, you would confine him to a playpen, and you can do exactly the same with your dog and a dog crate.

Safety First

Keep him in the crate if you’re not around to watch him, and keep a very wary eye on him when he is out of the crate. If he approaches a house plant, then reprimand him immediately. As he moves away from the plant, give him plenty of praise, as well as a treat of some sorts. Certain house plants can be toxic or even deadly to dogs, so this really is a safety issue.

If you plan to keep the plants, you must keep your dog safely away from them when you're not around.

Try a Spray

There are special sprays on the market specially formulated to keep animals away from plants. Mist your plants and repeat the process as per the instructions on the container. You can use vinegar in the spray bottle too, which is a natural and very effective deterrent as well.

If this doesn’t work, then fill the spray bottle with water, and add a couple of drops of citronella oil, and spray your dog in the face as soon as he approaches your plants. This won't hurt your dog at all, but the water combined with the scent of citronella is a great way to train your dog to avoid things you don't want him to mess with.

Try a Mat

Also effective, is a static pulse shock mat, which you can put on the floor close to your plant, to dissuade your dog from approaching the plant. Just tell other members of the household where the mat is, why it is there, and that they should avoid standing on it. These mats are completely harmless, but produce an uncomfortable sensation that many dogs will try to avoid.

Build a Shelf

If you have tried everything and you still can't keep your pup out of the potted plants, remember that the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" applies to our furry friends too. Build a shelf and put the plants out of your dog's reach.

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