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Tips for Introducing Your New Dog to the Kids

Bringing a new dog home is always exciting, especially for children. However, when children get excited, they tend to become loud and boisterous, which can make strange dogs do one of two things: run away in fright, or retaliate by biting. Therefore, when you want to introduce your new dog to your children, make sure that it is under your constant supervision.

Even a really friendly breed, such as the Golden Retriever should at first be treated with the utmost respect, until it is used to its new surroundings, and above all, your small children.

Gently Does It

Teach your children to speak quietly and soothingly to your new dog, while stroking its head and neck softly, slowly, and gently. If he wants to explore his new surroundings, let him do this on his own for a while, until he feels more comfortable. You will see by his reactions, when he is ready to let you and your children join him.

It is also very important that you teach your children to never hurt your dog by pulling its ears or tail, poking its eyes, or hurting it in any other way. Make them understand that your dog can’t speak like we humans do, and the only way that he can let them know that he doesn’t like what they’re doing to him, is to bite them.

Get the Kids Involved

Let your new dog and your children become accustomed to each other too, by teaching your children how to feed, groom, and walk him, but again, always under adult supervision. The more your new dog, you, and your children interact with each other, the sooner the excitement of the introduction will pass, and the faster your dog will become a contented, lovable, and faithful part of your family.

Also remember that there are some dog breeds that are naturally better with younger children than others, but each dog is unique too. Choose a child friendly dog breed, but always ensure that there's supervision whenever any dog is near small children.

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