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Top Tips for Road Trips With Dogs

What could be better than taking a road trip with your best buddy, your dog? With sunny skies, the long open road, and the perfect companion with you, what could go wrong? But things can and do go wrong, so it takes some careful planning on your part, to make sure that you and your dog have a really good time.

With a little forethought and planning, some essential equipment for safety and comfort, your road trip with your dog will be fun, safe and memorable!

Get a Doggy Seatbelt

If you have a large dog, you might want to consider having a special dog seatbelt installed in your car, not only to protect him if you have an accident, but also to prevent him from distracting you. If your dog is a small breed, then keep him safe and secure in a handy travel box, made especially for dogs.

Or a Dog Grid

Installing a dog grid in your car is also a really good idea, because it will keep your dog in his own safe place in the car, and prevent him from being thrown forward too, if you should come to a sudden stop.

Plan Frequent Stops Along the Way

Make sure to stop every couple of hours to allow your dog to relieve himself, have a drink of water, and get a bit of exercise. Your dog will get excited with the unfamiliar sounds and smells and could very possibly get lost, so make sure that your name and number are on his name tag.

Be Heat Savvy

If the weather is hot, and you have to go into a store for a while, do NOT leave your dog in the hot car, or he will suffer from heatstroke, which could prove fatal. Make sure too, when you reach your destination, to find out the name and number of the local vet, in case you need him in an emergency.

If you follow all these tips, book overnight stays in dog friendly accommodation and remember that it's always safest to leash your dog when you're away from familiar territory, you will both have a great time on your big trip.

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