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Non Profit Spotlight January 2020

When it comes to taking care of pets that are abandoned, injured, unwanted or abused, there are countless amazing non profits out there, all of whom do amazing work, often with limited resources. Every pet that is saved by these remarkable humans is a victory and a struggle, and we should all be celebrating all of the organizations out there that do this amazing work on behalf of our furry friends. Without them, so many more innocent souls would die alone, or live in misery.

But while we can't name every one of those amazing organizations and people (although we do offer them forever free listings with all the bells and whistles on our directory), we do feel that there are a few organizations doing things that are so remarkable, they deserve a special mention.

Kali's Wish

Cancer is one of the worst things, medically, that can happen to any family. Whether it happens to a person or a pet.

Kali's Wish is a Calgary based organization that helps families with pets who are diagnosed with cancer to weather the storm that comes after. They share information, support and hope, and are filling a void that most people don't even realize exists until it happens to them.

For more information, or to get involved in the remarkable work that Kali's Wish is doing, you can visit their website at

Parachutes for Pets

Parachutes for Pets is another Calgary based organization that is offering support that has been lacking for a long time. This organization, inspired by one dog that might have had a chance a long and happy life had their owner been able to afford veterinary care, is dedicated to helping low income pet owners to get essential veterinary care for their pets.

From routine procedures to critical medical care, Parachutes for Pets helps low income families to keep their pets healthy and strong.

To find out more about Parachutes for Pets and their important work, or to get involved, visit their website at

Charlie's Pet Food Bank

Many people who fall on hard times would never dream of abandoning their pets, because they're part of the family. As they should be.

It can be a struggle to keep everyone in the family fed and healthy though, and organizations like Charlie's Pet Food Bank exist to help people in need (and their furry family) do just that.

If you would like to find out more about what Charlie's does, or help out in whatever way you can, you can find them on the BC SPCA website here.


These are just a few of the remarkable organizations that are doing amazing things for dogs, cats and people in Canada. If you know of any other organizations we should be sharing here, please send us an email to tell us more!

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