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Most of us go out of our way to keep our dogs safe, but when it comes to traveling in the car, it's not that common to take measures to protect your furry bestie. However, in the event of an accident, the physics of momentum work exactly the same on dogs as they do on people.

Let's face it. Winter in Canada is rough. It's rough for us, and it's tough on our dogs. But while some dogs have no problem getting geared up with coats, boots and other cold weather stuff, there are some who flat our refuse. Fortunately, when it comes to foot protection, you've got other options.

Best Tool for Removing Undercoat

Many dog breeds, particularly those that were born to be retrievers or as working dogs, have a thick undercoat. That's great when they're outdoors, in the cold, but it's not so great when it's all over your couch. Breeds like Labradors and similar have LOTS of this undercoat, and it can build up over time.

When your dog's undercoat builds up, it can also make them itchy and uncomfortable. But fortunately, there are some ways to control it.

There aren't many health conscious wrists in Canada these days that don't have a fitness watch of some kind. Regardless of the brand, they're there to motivate you, but also to keep track of your health. What if you could do the same for your dog?

FitBark makes that possible, with their FitBark 2 dog activity monitor. Here's what you need to know!

Winter Must Have for Canadian Dogs: Good Boots!

When winter rolls around in most parts of Canada, we all know what's coming: white stuff, and lots of it! Which means snow gear, and not just for people! There are several reasons why your dog needs some good winter gear, and that includes the right footwear!

We might spend six months of the years battling snow storms in Canada, but when summer comes around, we're all going to be out there, walking, hiking and having fun with our dogs. Since Canada also has a high incidence of Lyme Disease, that means summer season is also the time we need to worry about ticks - those horrible little bugs that carry it.

The Dremel Nail Grooming Kit: A Great Alternative to Clippers

There are some dogs that don't mind having their nails clipped. That will sit quietly, and just let you get on with it. Then there are those that don't. That act as though their world is ending, and that the clippers in your hand are instruments of torture. Mine is like that, so I know exactly how that goes!

The good news is that there is an alternative to clippers, it's not expensive, and it might be the very thing you need to end the battle over nail clipping. Enter the Dremel Nail Grooming Kit.

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