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Let's face it. Winter in Canada is rough. It's rough for us, and it's tough on our dogs. But while some dogs have no problem getting geared up with coats, boots and other cold weather stuff, there are some who flat our refuse. Fortunately, when it comes to foot protection, you've got other options.

What Is Paw Protection Wax?

There are several kinds of paw protection wax, balm and lotion out there, but they all work pretty much the same way: creating a protective layer on the pads of your dog's paws, to protect them against ice and snow, road salt, and even sand and gravel in the summertime. (Although you should ALWAYS avoid walking your dog on extremely hot surfaces during the summer time!)

The wax or cream goes onto their paws before you head out, and it does double duty, protecting against new damage, and helping to heal existing issues.

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How Does Paw Protection Wax Work?

While different products will work slightly differently, a good paw protection wax will go on like a cream, and then harden to form a semi solid layer. It's not hard enough to crack, but just enough to form a barrier on the foot.

They should be non toxic (because your dog WILL lick his feet) and preferably something that won't stain your whole house.

Tips for Using Paw Protection Wax

It might take a little time for your dog to get used to having his feet treated with a wax product like this, so you might want to put him in his crate for a few minutes after you apply it, or try it right before you leave the house.

If your dog has long hair between his or her pads, you might want to trim the hair a little before using this type of product too. A waxy balm will do exactly what you think it will when it comes into contact with long fur!

Many of these paw protection wax products sell for between $20 and $30 a tub, which may seem like a lot. But you use very little at a time, and in many cases, you don't have to reapply every time you head out.

All in all, a worthwhile option for dog parents who are struggling to keep their pup's paws healthy in our crazy weather, and a lot easier than wrestling them into a pair of boots!

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