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The Best Tool for Grooming Long Haired Dogs

If you own a dog with long hair, you probably already have the gadgets. Brushes. Combs. Detangling sprays and all sorts of other things. However, if you're like most owners of long haired dogs, your dog still gets knots in hard to reach places, like behind their ears, or on their hind legs. Read on to find out the best tool to keep long haired dogs looking beautiful!

The Grooming Parlour Years

A long time ago, starting when I was a teenager, I spent about eight years working in a boarding kennels that also had a grooming parlour. I saw and groomed everything from tiny Yorkie's to St. Bernards, and everything in between.

Some of the long coated dogs that came in with knots were just too far gone, and they had to be shaved, so that their owners could start again. But some had been brushed and groomed regularly, so they only had some sneaky knots and mats in hard to reach places.

Those dogs, we would usually bath and condition, and use a detangling spray when necessary, and then we would use the professional tools that were on hand in the grooming parlour to remove the knots. It's a lot easier when you have the right stuff!

The Best Tool for Mat Removal

The single best tool I have ever used for mat removal is a bladed mat remover. This tool looks like a brush or comb, except that it has metal teeth with a hooked inside edge, and that edge is a little sharper. Essentially, it's a bit of a blade, that literally cuts through the mat.

You should always use this tool AWAY from your dog's skin or body, because of the design and the way it works, by hooking into the knot and then slicing through it, but if you're dealing with a small to mid sized knot, you can cut through the worst of it in a matter of minutes, and then use a regular brush and comb to finish the job.

Since most dogs get more and more frustrated and anxious as the grooming hours tick by, getting this part done quickly and painlessly is a huge benefit to everyone involved!

So if you have a long coated dog and you need to remove the odd knot, consider this type of mat remover. It's amazing! Better yet, you can buy it here for less than twenty dollars!

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