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The Dremel Nail Grooming Kit: A Great Alternative to Clippers

There are some dogs that don't mind having their nails clipped. That will sit quietly, and just let you get on with it. Then there are those that don't. That act as though their world is ending, and that the clippers in your hand are instruments of torture. Mine is like that, so I know exactly how that goes!

The good news is that there is an alternative to clippers, it's not expensive, and it might be the very thing you need to end the battle over nail clipping. Enter the Dremel Nail Grooming Kit.

What Is the Dremel Nail Grooming Kit?

The Dremel Nail Grooming Kit is essentially a miniaturized, wireless grinder, that you can use to grind or file your dog's nails down, rather than having to cut them.

It comes with a charger and spare grinding heads, and has two speeds. It weighs less than half a kilogram too, so it's lightweight enough to use, and because it only makes a low humming sound, if your dog is used to clippers or similar tools, they shouldn't have any trouble with this one.

The rechargeable battery is removable, and it charges in three hours. While we haven't tried it on a large dog, there are also reviews that say it's been used successfully on large breed dogs, which makes it perfect even if you have a pack of big doggos!

Why Is the Dremel Nail Grooming Kit a Good Idea?

Many dogs have tough, hard nails, which take a lot of force to cut with a normal nail clipper. That can be painful for your dog, which is why many of them freak out. Grinding their nails down doesn't put any pressure on their nails, and that makes them more likely to let you get the job done.

Not to mention that clipping twenty claws with a conventional nail clipper is likely to leave YOU with a very sore paw!

If your dog has dark claws, it can also be hard to tell where the "quick" of the nail ends, and that can lead to clipping them too short, which is also painful, and can be a very bloody affair.

Is It Worth the Money?

In my opinion, yes. The cost of having your dog's nails cut professionally if you can't do it yourself will be covered in one or two uses of this tool, and if you buy it on Amazon, and you have Prime, you can add it to an order and get free shipping. Just to avoid the trauma if your dog hates having their nails done, this is worth it!

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