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We might spend six months of the years battling snow storms in Canada, but when summer comes around, we're all going to be out there, walking, hiking and having fun with our dogs. Since Canada also has a high incidence of Lyme Disease, that means summer season is also the time we need to worry about ticks - those horrible little bugs that carry it.

Prevention Is Important... but Not Always Possible

Of course keeping ticks off you and your dog in the first place wins the prize, as far as preventing Lyme Disease goes, but there is always a risk, and even if you avoid long grass, use insect repellent products and take all the other precautions, you might still find a tick on your or your dog.

Taking a tick off when they're small is bad enough, but if you don't spot them right away (and you might not on your dog) they are going to get a lot bigger, and taking them off becomes a bit more of a horror show. Ticks like to hide in hard to reach places, and when that's under thick hair, they're very hard to spot immediately.

As someone who has taken off a fair amount of ticks in my life, I can tell you that doing this with your hands is probably going to leave you scarred for life.

An Affordable Tick Tool

I've taken a fair amount of ticks off dogs in my life, but it's not something I would recommend most people try to do bare handed. Firstly, ticks tend to bite down really hard, which can make it hard to remove the whole thing. Then, once they've been there a while, they get engorged, and that's just a bloody mess. Literally.

The best advise I have for anyone who has dogs in Canada, and wants to be prepared for tick season, is to get a tool for the job.

This Tick Removal Key from Kumonsco is tiny, so it literally fits on your keys, and it gets the job done quickly and easily. One motion is all it takes to remove the whole tick, without any of the difficulty or, let's face it, gross stuff.

Best of all, it costs less than ten bucks, so you can buy one for your keys, one for your house and one to keep at the cabin, so you can get rid of ticks whenever you need to! Buy them on Amazon, and get it in a few days.

Watch for Symptoms

Removing ticks is always a good idea, but taking them off does not mean your dog is safe from Lyme disease. If you have found ticks on your dog, they might have been infected, so make sure you watch for symptoms and seek veterinary advice if you have any concerns.

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