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There aren't many health conscious wrists in Canada these days that don't have a fitness watch of some kind. Regardless of the brand, they're there to motivate you, but also to keep track of your health. What if you could do the same for your dog?

FitBark makes that possible, with their FitBark 2 dog activity monitor. Here's what you need to know!

What Is the FitBark 2?

The FitBark 2 is the doggy equivalent of a human fitness tracker. It's a small device that fits on their collar, and uses the same type of technology used by those human products to track your dog's activity and health.

What Can the FitBark 2 Do?

You might think a doggy fitness and health tracker would be less than the one you use - but you'd be wrong.

The FitBark does all the stuff your tracker does: measures activity and sleep. But it also tracks mobility and pain, itchiness, anxiety and more.

It's waterproof, so your dog can use it almost anywhere, and it can link to your own fitness tracker (depending on the type you use), so you can get important data on the move.

It's got a 6 month battery life, and is used by many veterinarians and research organizations.

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Tracking Software

Whether you link your dog's FitBark 2 to your own health tracker or use the phone or online app, you can track your dog's information anywhere you go. As long as you have the internet, you can access their information.

Imagine being able to check in while your dog is in the kennels and you're on vacation? The applications for this go far beyond basic!

Peace of Mind and Better Health Management

Some people might choose to buy a FitBark 2 for their dog so they can monitor their health from anywhere. This is particularly true if your dog has an existing health condition.

It's comforting to be able to access stats and information about their wellbeing even when you aren't home.

Others might choose ton invest in a FitBark 2 because they realize that just like us, staying healthy and fit helps your dog to live longer and avoid certain diseases and conditions.

Whatever your reason, at less than $60 US, with everything you need in the box, it's a small price to pay for something that could literally change both of your lives.

We love anything that gives you better control of your dog's health, and helps you to make better choices, and the FitBark 2 definitely checks both of those boxes.

Well worth it, for any dog owner.

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