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How do I create a group?

In order to ensure that this site doesn't get overrun by abandoned groups, or groups that exist solely to collect information, we control who creates groups and what they are about.

There are three kinds of group on this site: community based groups, non profit groups and business groups.

Anyone can request that we create a community group, and these are usually regional, breed specific or so on. These types of groups are NOT for commercial users. They are for sharing, connecting and meeting people and dogs that live in your area or share other social characteristics with you and your pup.

Non profit groups are only for non profits and charities, and are created when they create a non profit listing on our directory.

Business groups are available to businesses who have a paid listing on this site, and are created when they upgrade to a paid listing, and removed when they downgrade or remove their listing.

We hope that by managing groups on this site, we will only have relevant, interesting and valuable spaces for the dogs and their people who use this site.

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